Best Online Inventory, Purchase, and Procurement Software in Pakistan.

Best Online / Web / Cloud based Inventory, Purchase, Procurement and Supply Chain Management System in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Account Plus is an ERP for small and medium size business enterprise

Manage your entire business process from inventory to purchasing with our state-of-the-art software. Tightly integrated with other modules for seamless operations. Serving Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and beyond

Account Plus Business Suite provide best and effective Web Based, Online Inventory, Purchase, Supply Chain & Warehouse Controlling System in all cities of Pkistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and accross the globe. Account Plus is an ERP for small and medium size business enterprise. A solution to manage entire process of Inventory Management.

You can manage your purchasing process from demand to production and track your purchases right from purchase order to goods receiving note.

Our state of the art solution tightly integrated with other modules i.e. General Ledger, Sales, Production & POS Point of Sales. So you can easly manage your entire business with the help of our software.


Purchase Management

Manage entire procurement life cycle from demand to production

Purchase Management

Vendor / Supplier

Purchase Requisition

Puuchase Order

Goods Receive Note

Supplier Invoice Booking

Purchase Return

Debit / Credit Note

Outstanding Purchase Order

Supplier Register

Purchase Register


Purchase Analysis



Material Requisition

Material Issuance

Material Return

Material Transfer

Physical Stock Taking


Item Register

Stock Valuation

Item Movement

Minimum Stock

Maximum Stock

Slow Moving Item

Stock Taking, Physical Count

Managing and controlling inventory is not an easy task. It takes so many times to physically count and also so boring task and big chance to make mistakes. In case of mistake, you need further more time to identify and then correct the mistake. If you have a careful team but not have a best Inventory System so your entire effort of physical count is on risk. You pay cost, time and effort for such problems, it disturb your current business routine also. There is lot of advantage of a good inventory system. You can done your job without a team, just one person can easily perform the counting task without any problem as there is no need to count manually, you can count your entire inventory through barcode scanner so there is no way to miss typing. It takes much less time than manually without any mistake.

Inventory management may seem complicated to some, but if you think about what the words "stock" mean, it's a simple concept. Inventory is a list of goods and materials held by a company in the ground and is available from stock. Inventory management is the process of tracking inventory and the delicate balance between supply and demand, even below the knee. If the inventory, a company should not always have too much of the product, but not to have met enough of the product market. Inventory management helps to correct inventory is maintained at all times.

Benefits of Inventory Management

Inventory has many advantages for businesses. Companies must have a certain amount of stock, but they have not for many. Inventory costs money, so a company with too much inventory is waste money and damage. Inventory management can make it so that a business needs. Exact inventory Nothing more, nothing less. Inventory management is also an effective way to keep track of which products to keep your company. If a company sells 100 different products, it is important how much of each product they know. This knowledge can be obtained through the inventory. Stock is shown as an asset on the balance sheet of a company, but it also has money. With that said, is to manage your inventory is necessary. Well-organized inventory management can help a business save unnecessary costs while products and services faster and more efficient for customers. They will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction, so to win a deal. Greater chance of clients and new clients to bind the successful implementation of the list is to improve the overall corporate significantly


Inventory management is necessary in order to keep costs down, while the rules. Supply and demand is a delicate balance and inventory management hopes to ensure that the balance is disturbed. Well-trained warehouse managers and high-quality software list that will help you become a success. ROI of the inventory will be in the form of higher sales and profits, positive atmosphere, staff and overall greater satisfaction. Purchasing managers are purchases of goods and services that they then sold to customers, and they will investigate in an attempt to find the best deals for their companies. That factors such as price, quality and reliability, this means that managers try to minimize the cost of buying high quality goods and they will identify the record sales and price history study to get the best deal. Foreign and domestic suppliers Wholesale and retail customers are responsible for the procurement of common household items for resale, while buyers are mostly of raw materials for production and agricultural products buyers to purchase grain and other agricultural products, which are then sold. Buyers are, usually, specializing in a particular product, such as wood and monitoring of the market for good while managers will distribute the negotiations on this product. For more routine tasks The purchase of specialists receives bids from contractors for construction projects for governments and the purchase of raw materials and supplies used by government agencies. Customers are, usually, purchased directly from the manufacturer while retail buyers can purchase commercial institutions or companies in retail, selling at a different stage of the article.