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Best Bookkeeping Software in Pakistan

General Ledger

Best Web Based Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, General Ledger, On Line ERP Software in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad across Pakistan

Account Plus Business Suite provide best and effective Desktop / Web Based, Cloud Enabled, Best Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, General Ledger System in all cities of Pkistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. Account Plus is an ERP for small and medium size business enterprise. solution to manage entire process of Sales Management.

You can manage your entire accounting life cycle from voucher creation to complex balance sheet

Our state of the art solution tightly integrated with other modules i.e. Purchase & Inventory, Production, Payroll & POS Point of Sales. So you can easly manage your entire business with the help of our software.

General Ledger module manage company's business transactions relating to assets, liabilities, owner's equity, revenue and expenses. General Ledger provide tight integration with other modules like Inventory Management, Sales Management, Supply Chain Management and Payroll etc.


Makes management of Accounting/Fianacial activity more easy and minimize the error provision

Best Bookkeeping Software in Pakistan


Provide tight integration (General Ledger / Financial Reporting) with other modules to monitor receiveables, payables and expenses etc.

Best Bookkeeping Software in Pakistan

Project Management

Project accounting enable you to keep close eyes on your project status, profitability and expenditure. Account Plus provide an unique tool to evalute your project status from start to end, it's profitability, expenses, liabilities etc. You can manage multiple projects at a time Project budget associated with project time line

Best Accounting Software in Pakistan

Cost Center

Our Financial Reporting Software Gives the provision to manage multiple cost center in a ledger. Keeps your chart of account neat, clean and compact

Best Accounting Software in Pakistan

Multiple Company

It helps to manage group of company's with minimum available resource, no need to acquire additional resource to manage multiple company

Best Accounting Software in Pakistan

Multiple Fiscal Year

You can manage un-limited fiscal year, to view or work on your previous year's data as and when required, specially on starting period of fiscal year. System provide special security previlidge to access and modify previous year transactions

Best Accounting Software in Pakistan

Chart of Account

More Than Six Levels Of Chart Of Account Up-to 50 digits for COA code length Up-to 100 digits for COA description length Provide code transfer facility to transfer data from one code to other code

Opening Balance

Journal Voucher

Payment Voucher

Received Voucher

Petty Cash

Petty Cash Payment Voucher

Petty Cash Received Voucher

Thre Type's of Voucher No Format

Trial Balance

Six Column Trial Balance

Cash Flow



Bank Reconcilitation

Un-Limited Voucher Type

Cash Book/Bank Book

Seprate Voucher No Serial For Each Voucher Type

Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet

Year End Process

State Of The Art Security Management which provide form level security



No need to invest huge amount to buy our system


An average user can easly use our system


Helps you to perform better than other in the market to get more profit.
Whether you run away from home or a busy souvenir shop on the main shopping strip of your city, you have a thriving consulting business probably one property in common with the owners of most small businesses: would you rather not spend too much time with the accounting. Finally, would you rather spend your time on activities that generate revenue for your small business, whether it means to survey potential employees, to develop a new marketing campaign or attract new customers. Therefore, it is economically advantageous for you to invest in the general ledger. As the name suggests, follow the financial data of your company. It gives you direct access to your sales, unpaid invoices, receipts and expenditures in a given period. And she does it in one place. Business owners can use to instantly maps and graphs showing how well their business in terms of its principal accounting (and you do not need a degree in accounting, is to run the program) to do. You can also use it to determine which customers are the exact numbers of dollars. But this is a pre-investment that is worth it. In small companies, the competitive world of today, when the dismal state of the economy due to close business on a daily basis, entrepreneurs needs all the advantages they can bring their doors. As an entrepreneur in the day, how much time to devote to your businesses weekly, monthly and annual income. Crafting strategies you need to increase it's harder than ever to earn a steady stream of income today. You do not take your time to waste overdue bills or looking for income from the investment you had bought three months ago. Such activities are important, but they do not directly serve your business every dollar and activities generate money you should focus. The current electronics company has created a wide range of general ledger accounting, which makes it one that is perfect for your business, how big or small, it does not matter anyway. In fact, the companies also have this type of equipments for nonprofit organizations (an example would be a church accounting) did. Nonprofit organizations in many cases are the major accounting strategy. How much does it cost? As always there will be some people out there offering. The truth is that almost always just an attempt to get you to buy their product later. With that said, if you dig, you might be, some tables, allowing you to use to be found to keep your business. Accounting Information When measuring the cost, you should also consider the long term benefits of the organization received. For instance, a restaurant accounting packages a couple hundred dollars, but how much money the restaurant because of the good choices they have to save more than offset the initial cost. Most companies will not disclose how much they charge for their product. They do this for two reasons: (1) The contact to get to you and try to convince you to buy their product. Want via phone or email. (2) The accounting has many different options, and modules are offered, so that they do not have a fixed price. The more modules you add, the more money you will have to pay.