Best Online Sales & Retail Management Software in Pakistan, Karachi

Streamline your sales process and manage your business efficiently with Account Plus Business Suite. Our online / web / cloud based software is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Account Plus Business Suite provide best and effective Web Based, Online Sales Management, Retail Management System in all cities of Pkistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and accross the globe. Account Plus is an ERP for small and medium size business enterprise. A solution to manage entire process of Sales Management.

You can manage your entire sales process from production to sales and track your sales right from sales order to sales invoice. Our state of the art solution tightly integrated with other modules i.e. General Ledger, Purchase & Inventory, Production & POS Point of Sales. So you can easly manage your entire business with the help of our software.


Sales Management

It helps mangers to design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of sales activity.



Provide tight integration with other modules to share valuable information, including forecasts, orders, inventory, transportation and receiveable etc.


Cash Flow

Controlled cash flow to arranging the payment terms and methodologies for exchanging funds across the entities.


Other Features

Accurate demand and sales forecasting

Sales growth analysis

Seasonal and geographical sales average

Geographical/Weekly sales vs. target

Top to bottom sales and ratio

Target vs. sales


Other Features

Sales team spending time in business generation instead of compiling manual reports

Slow and fast moving items

Last year vs. current year sales performance

Geographical/Weekly sales vs. target

All reports on value, volume, pcs and carton base

Sales Management System

I've mentioned this many times. The job of a sales manager is one of the toughest jobs in the world. As with any job, it is a part of the success skills and knowledge, and part of it is the interior of the individual. Effective sales managers do well for many different reasons; Likewise failed Sales Manager fail for many different reasons. If you are a sales manager or VP, ask yourself if any of these problems have always problems for you or others you know, are caused. Error # 1: The sales manager is not wired for the job. How to find out there is a formula to meet to determine the ability of a seller. There is no difference with the sales managers. Many ineffective sales managers come from the ranks of the sales team. Often, excellent seller, on the assumption that if they sell well, they are in the management of the sales will be good has been moved. Not so here. The opportunities and internal wiring is completely different for the two professions. As a sales manager will not be able to perform in a position in this role, he will fail (and move the organization often with him.) Error # 2: A good candidate for a position of sales management rarely get the chance. Poor performance in a sales role is a stumbling block to progress. At best, unfortunately many of the best sales managers, mediocre sellers. Consider some of the most successful NFL coach. Many of them were very marginal player or never played the game at all. They had a greater ability to exercise, communicate, their vision, and then lead the team to take the field as a star player. Each part sales organization that hires a manager in large part on past performance in sales may be losing a great sales manager. Error # 3: The boss does not have a basis for effective sales training. All in all positions and give them an education, and what do you have? You get a worker who remains in a constant state of frustration. Some managers do not instinctively know how to play the role. You need to understand the training and resources and to recognize what each vendor has to help them be successful. A sales manager who has very little special training is significantly impairs the ability of sellers to do their job and reduce competitiveness. organization Error # 4: lack of an effective distribution system. Football teams are not developed in the field, without a clear game to go running. Without a distribution, feels every seller and follows, it will do, when they try to salespeople through the sales process. There is no repeatable formula for success. Sometimes they will not get. Sell??, sometimes unfortunately there is no way to determine why they are not, or if the sale and then Coaching is a difficult task. If the manager does not have a sales team with a clearly defined distribution system, players will get to waste the skills of your competitors. Error # 5: Lack of an effective recruitment process. Gut instinct and speculation in the election will be your ability to restrict the right choice. And to comply with a system for your sales team breakdown is important, so is the use of an effective recruitment system. We provide a thorough evaluation tools and experienced analysis of the results, to give you the best. Possible to acquire sales talent; Remember, it is the sales manager for making responsibility. Accurate judgments about hiring new salespeople and without a defined process with objective measurements, hiring decisions ultimately a toss-up. Error # 6 - Lack of understanding of the concept of coaching. Management, spreadsheets, operational problems, etc. :. As a sales manager sees himself as strictly a manager, it can easily be controlled by the administrative functions of the job A sales trainer and sales trainer, on the other hand, will work with suppliers to develop in some areas strategizes with them about serious offers, holding them accountable for their results, feedback, performance issues, and, of course, be corrected before too prevent month sales fail.