Makes management of Accounting/Fianacial activity more easy and minimize the error provision.



Provide tight integration (General Ledger / Financial Reporting) with other modules to monitor receiveables, payables and expenses etc.

Project Management

Project Management

Project accounting enable you to keep close eyes on your project status, profitability and expenditure. Account Plus provide an unique tool to evalute your project status from start to end, it's profitability, expenses, liabilities etc. You can manage multiple projects at a time Project budget associated with project time line.

Cost Center

Cost Center

Our Financial Reporting Software Gives the provision to manage multiple cost center in a ledger. Keeps your chart of account neat, clean and compact.

Multiple Company

It helps to manage group of company's with minimum available resource, no need to acquire additional resource to manage multiple company.

Multiple Fiscal Year

You can manage un-limited fiscal year, to view or work on your previous year's data as and when required, specially on starting period of fiscal year. System provide special security previlidge to access and modify previous year transactions.

Chart of Account

More Than Six Levels Of Chart Of Account Up-to 50 digits for COA code length Up-to 100 digits for COA description length Provide code transfer facility to transfer data from one code to other code


Opening Balance

Journal Voucher

Payment Voucher

Received Voucher

Petty Cash

Petty Cash Payment Voucher

Petty Cash Received Voucher

Thre Type's of Voucher No Format

Trial Balance

Six Column Trial Balance

Cash Flow




Bank Reconcilitation

Un-Limited Voucher Type

Cash Book/Bank Book

Seprate Voucher No Serial For Each Voucher Type

Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet

Year End Process

State Of The Art Security Management which provide form level security