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Web Based, Best Accounting, Bookkeeping Software Company in Pakistan

Account Plus Business Suite is a Desk Top & Cloud Based On Line ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) Software.

For simple accounts to complex balance sheet. Professionally designed to meet the requirement of small and medium size enterprises (SME).

Our designed software successfully executing in different cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabd, Faisalabae accross the Pakistan and out of Pakistan i.e. UAE etc.



No need to invest huge amount to buy our system


An average user can easly use our system


Helps you to perform better than other in the market to get more profit.

Web Based BookKeeping Software

Small and Medium Business Enterprise

Easy to use Financial Software

General Ledger

Parent Ledger

Level wise Ledger

Cost center wise Ledger

Trial Balance

Two Column Trial Balance

Six Column Trial Balance

Cash Flow

Cash Book

Bank Book

Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet

Business Accounting Software

Online Accounting Software

Online Accounting Software for small business

Multiple User, Multiple Company and Multiple Fiscal Year

Account Plus Accounting Software is an intuitive, easy to use, robust, multiuser, multiple companies and multiple fiscal year business management system, allows you to track and report incoming and outgoing cash flow. Our Accounting Software specially designed for SMB's (small and medium size business). Fully customised menu for security, individual menu seting for each and every user. Manage multiple business with single installation. Tight integration with other module. Web Based Accounting Software access grant multiple users within the organization to access reports and selected features.

Free Web Based Accounting Software

We offer free Web Based Accounting Software. Just pay monthly subscription and enjoy a hightech and cost effective accounting system, just like hotmail, yahoo or other web based mail.

Bank Reconciliation

Project Accounting

Petty Cash

Fixed Assets



Single Entry System

Double Entry System

Financial Reporting

Best Accounting Software

Bookkeeping Software

Salary Management

Payroll Management

Best POS Software

Time & Attendance Management

Point of Sale

Retail Management

Store Management

How To Buy

When you are going to buy accounting software you should know that it will be help you to make your dreams come true regarding control and excellence of your business.

Better Performance

What you want to do with your accounting software. Better performance than other in the market Helps you to perform better. Provide automation and efficiency across all your business process.

It also helps you to work smarter and faster. Provide best solution to automate your collection of payments from customers.

Business Management System

It doesn’t job done only, it’s managing your entire business effectively and efficiently, keep you well inform about the health of your organization.

It is not only accounting software, it’s a “Business Management System” it support and help you to take critical decision making process.

Inform you that where you have been (your past, your history, previous position of your business, where you are (today’s position) and where you are going (about your business future). It doesn’t complete specific task and activities but also monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the task, so you can easily and effectively monitor the health of your organization and able to take necessary decision to make improvements.

Our accounting software organize your company for success and helps you to focus on tomorrow’s issue along with today’s issues to achieve excellence.

Provide tight integration with other system i.e. Inventory, Sales, Manufacturing, Payroll etc. Avoids duplicate data entry and reduce key punching errors.

Payroll Management Services

We are provoiding best and higtech services regarding managing your entire payroll in very cost effective and competetive price. All of us know that payroll management is time consuming and difficult work. If you own a small business and don't have any profissional payroll execuitive or you don't want to acquire any profissional payroll executive due to heavy expenses. Don't worry, we can manage your payroll on very competitive price. We have team of highly qualified and experienced profissional, with the help of them we manage your entire payroll according to standard and recommended SOPs.

We provide our services as follows:

Employee Management

Attendance Management

Salary Management

Salary Sheet

Bank Advice

Pay Slip


Medical Reimbursment

Loan Management

Bonus Managemnet

Tight Integration With Other Modules

Enter data once in our system and automatically reflected across the system. Saves time to reduce the number of data entry. All modules are directly connected with each other, its make fast and effective flow of information. Account Plus knows your business that’s why provide effective solution for your business.

Cost Effective

Accounting is the main part of any business either small or large. If you owner of a small business and irritating to hire expensive people to manage your accounting problem. Then Account Plus Business suite is the right accounting or bookkeeping software which will help you to resolve all your accounting problem without any accounting expert.

If you desire to become more profitable then you need to have a
best accounting system, which can timely identify accounts receivable, accounts payable, expenses and revenue.

Capable to inform you timely, quickly and accurately. All
management reports send directly in your in box on daily basis or as per pre-defined schedule as Account Plus have best practices in accounting and bookkeeping.

Experienced Accounting and Book Keeping Software

It is very experienced and authentic accounting and bookkeeping system. We are working over 20 years with small and large business in Pakistan and out of the country.

Doesn’t matter! Either you are a
for-profit business or non-profit business ( NGO ). Account Plus capable to handle all your accounting needs i.e. bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow, petty cash, ledger, trial balance and balance sheet.

Remember! Accounting is the source to find success or failure. With the right tool like Account Plus you can find the best way to success.

Accounting Software Company in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad

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